A Sudden Departure

As of last night, Matt is booked on a flight to Uganda, scheduled to depart in five days.

The goals of this trip are:

1. Land—Matt will look at several plots of land in town that have been scouted out for us by a Ugandan friend. If a plot is found that would work well for the water service, then Matt will purchase that plot.

2. Family Surveys—Matt will partner with a local Ugandan who is fluent in English and the local dialect, Luo, and together they will conduct in-person, oral family surveys with Karuma households. These surveys will gauge things like how far families travel for water, how much they need daily, and if they would be interested in the water delivery service we are planning to start. While we have asked these questions before on a small scale, we want to do this in a more legitimate manner with at least 100 households. Those 100 households would represent 1,000 or more residents of Karuma, as each household generally is very large. We hope for a lot of positive feedback, but in reality, these surveys are designed to give us real world feedback from locals who would be benefiting from the service. Our hope is to use this data to convince supporters of the need and demand for such a service. 

3. Media Content—Matt will be borrowing Jessica's amazing, full-frame camera to photograph and video the town of Karuma and its residents. We hope this will give you a better look at the faces of the people—real people like you and me—who we are trying to bring out of great suffering.

More to come.