A Family's Story


Helen Opio has eleven people in her family. Each day, Helen and a couple of her strongest children take three trips to the nearest water source, which is about a 25 minute walk in each direction. She then waits 30 minutes at the water source for her turn to fill up her jugs of water (or "jerry cans"). In one day, she collects between ten and twelve jerry cans of water. Each jerry can holds 20 liters and weighs 44 pounds, so she transports 500 pounds of water weight every day, and no short distance.


When I asked how much Helen would pay to have one jerry can of water delivered to her home, she said, "I would be willing to pay 300 shillings ($0.08) to have a jerry can of water delivered to my home." When asked what she thought about a water delivery service that would only cost 50 shillings ($0.013) per jerry can, she laughed in disbelief and said, "It would make me happy, and if it happened like that, it would be a good change to my home and family." She said she would have all of her water delivered if it were that price.


50 shillings for the delivery of one jerry can of water to a family or business's doorstep. That's our vision.


Helen's story is one of hundreds in the town of Karuma that we are very intentionally pursuing. Matt is conducting surveys of families and businesses in the community in the hopes that their answers to our questions—the above story is from one such survey—will be convincing enough for people to support us in establishing this very water delivery business. Such a service would revolutionize the lives of every person in Karuma and, we hope, eventually all of Uganda.


Stay tuned for more updates.