Ending The Year

For those of you coming to this page with a curiosity for what happened during our trip—we're sorry that we didn't put any updates on here!

Our internet access was severely limited while we were in Uganda, being in the bush and all, so we sent updates exclusively through our newsletter. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to our newsletters. We promise we won't flood your inbox, as we actually struggle to get updates out at all, relying a little heavily on telling people in person what developments are going on at Lilies in the Field.


1. We are officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We received approval in August, but didn't find out till December, due to some mail issues. To those who have donated, all donations that were written out to Lilies in the Field, even if they were before August, can still be written off your taxes, due to a 27-month backdating clause the IRS has in place.

2. We are fleshing out a plan for a service for delivering water to people's doorsteps at a price that's affordable to most Ugandans—1/10th the current market rate, to be precise. More updates to come, but again, subscribe to our newsletter for the most comprehensive updates! We do promise to try and be more active on this blog, however. Some information on the business idea is on this page.